Galveston Island

Historic Places

1838 Michel B. Menard Home
1604 33rd St.
Phone: (409)765-7834

The 1838 Michel B. Menard Home is now the oldest building in Galveston.

1839 Samuel May Williams Home
3601 Avenue P
Phone: (409)762-3933

This rare combination of Creole-plantation and New England architectural styles was built in 1838 for Samuel May Williams, secretary to Stephen F. Austin and founder of the Texas Navy.

1859 Ashton Villa
2328 Broadway
Phone: (409)765-7834

Ashton Villa was built in 1858-59, the first of Galveston's Broadway "palaces." It now serves as a visitors center, and event facility. Public tours are no longer conducted.

1859 St. Joseph Church
2202 Avenue K
Phone: (409)765-7834

St. Joseph's was built in 1859 for Galveston'ssizable German population by German architectand builder Joseph Bleicke.

1861 Custom House
502 20th St.
Phone: (409)765-7834

The Custom House is a Greek Revival public building is thought to be the first building in Galveston designed by an architect.

1880 Garten Verein
2704 Avenue O
Phone: (409)765-7834

The flamboyant octagonal Garten Verein was the center of 19th century refined social life in Galveston.

1892 Bishop's Palace
1402 Broadway
Phone: (409)762-2475

Built by lawyer Colonel Walter Gresham and designed by Nicholas Clayton, Galveston's premier architect, this Victorian castle was cited by the American Institute of Architects as one of the 100 most important buildings in America.

1895 Moody Mansion
2618 Broadway
Phone: (409)762-7668

Moody Mansion has 32 rooms filled with opulent furnishings and Moody family heirlooms.

1940 Sears Building
2228 Broadway
Phone: (409)750-9108

The Sears Building is home to Galveston Historical Foundation's Preservation Resource Center, the Center for Coastal Heritage, and the Architectural Salvage Warehouse.

Galveston Naval Museum
Seawolf Park
Phone: (409) 770-3196


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