1861 Custom House

502 20th St.
Galveston, TX 77550
Phone: (409)765-7834

This elegant Greek Revival public building is thought to be the first building in Galveston designed by an architect. Building crews rushed to finish the building before Texas seceded from the Union, completing construction in a record four and a half months. It probably withstood shelling during the Battle of Galveston, and was the site of a “bread riot,” when wives of absent Confederate soldiers stormed the building demanding flour. Union troops raised a flag of victory over the Custom House three days before the war officially ended.

It has functioned as a post office and courthouse. It was the proud home of the Galveston Historical Foundation, the state's oldest historic preservation group, and a powerful force for creating the Galveston of today that so well preserves the Galveston of yesterday. Currently, it is occupied by DSW Homes.