2021 Strand
Galveston, TX 77550
Phone: (409)740-1565

Mysticatz is located in the beautiful downtown historic district of Galveston on the Strand between 20th and 21st Street. The shop carries a unique array of estate and fine jewelry to suit every budget. You will find “new and old, silver and gold!” Like many shops in the downtown area, you will also find a few interesting collectibles and vintage items.

The shop also carries an assortment of beautiful rocks, crystals and other unique gift items that are connected to all aspects of metaphysical healing. The book “Angel Talk” which was written by the owner, Cathy Catching, is also available for purchase. “Angel Talk” relays the events surrounding Cathy’s miraculous healing in 2011 and her communication with her angels just prior, during and after her healing. The book also gives the details on how Cathy became clairaudient and some of the early messages that she received.

Within the shop, you will also find a special healing room where Cathy does angelic readings. As an angel intuitive, messages are channeled through her that can help one be healed from negative issues or past trauma; grow spiritually; or connect with departed loved ones.

Angel intuitives can also be called psychics or mediums who receive their messages from angels. They can also channel spirit guides and the deceased but their main focus is delivering angelic messages. If you are interested in an angel reading, call (409)740-1565 or e-mail for an appointment. Group sessions and classes are also available. Pricing varies.

Hours of Operation
Friday thru Sunday: 11am - 6pm??

Note: Hours and days open may be seasonal and subject to change.