Haunted Mayfield Manor

2313 Harborside Dr.
Galveston, TX 77550
Phone: (409)762-6677

Haunted Mayfield Manor is the home of Dr. Horace Mayfield, once a respected doctor, upcoming community leader, and son of a prominent physician in Galveston.

Dr. Mayfield pursued a career in general medicine to follow in his father's footsteps, however his first love was the study of the mental capacity and mental illnesses of humans. During his tenure as a public physician, he began to perform experiments on his unwitting patients. His experiments involved the study of the impact of fearful situations on individuals.

During the great Hurricane of 1900, Dr. Mayfield - who was engaged to be married prior to the storm - lost his bride, the lovely blonde Sara Stone. He also lost his parents, including his mother - the bedridden Lenora Mayfield - and his father, Dr. Horatio Mayfield. Most importantly to the young Dr. Horace Mayfield, all his research documentation was also lost in the great storm.

It is said that witnessing the death and destruction of the great storm - together with his own personal loss - drove the doctor insane.

His madness continues to this day as he tries to recoup his losses and continue his research. You are invited to participate in that ongoing research...

$10 per general admission ticket