Bunch'a Cool Stuff

2105 Strand
Galveston, TX 77550
Phone: (409)763-6414

Bunch'a Cool Stuff has a variety of gifts to make your friends jealous of the time you spent in Galveston. Walking in, you'll immediately notice a group of lifelike dummies (sorry, not for sale!) greeting you. And then let the fun begin!

Bunch'a Cool Stuff has some of the most interesting products available in the Strand District. They have 3D movie posters, clock with photos of pop culture icons, and even celebrity cardboard cut-outs.

As you walk through, you'll notice many home decorations that range from college themed wall hangings, to beachy signs and cast iron stars. They even have Asian style paper laterns.

They also carry a healthy collection of typical souvenirs, such as shirts and keychains, for your more traditional gifts. Don't forget to pick up a pair of sunglasses on the way back out into that bright Galveston sun!

Hours of Operation
Open Daily: 11am - 7pm

Note: Hours may be seasonal and subject to change.